Howard Blake OBE

Howard Blake OBE

"In December (2015) at the Chelsea Arts Club, Phyllis Dupuy exhibited a wonderfully joyful oil painting of me conducting my music from the balcony in my studio. I said to her, 'This is how I would like to be remembered'. "

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Sandi Rhys Jones OBE

Sandi Rhys Jones OBE

“There is an immediacy about them, rather than a static “sad portrait” feel…wonderful detailing...great colouring…tremendous likeness” 

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More Testimonials…

”Tom and I just saw the portrait and I could hardly believe how wonderful it looked.  You have done a masterful job.  It looks just like him, but there is also an overall richness to the painting… you have done a beautiful job. .. I almost cried when I saw it.  I can’t thank you enough.”  Maureen Ball

“We love it!”  Alan Ravenscroft

“I was so thrilled with the portrait of Milo and Archie. In fact it is so exactly like Milo, I burst into tears .”  Libby Swayne

“I am delighted with your excellent painting which captures Cecilia’s personality.”  Donal Gallagher

“It’s a staggering piece of work and I was really lost for words…a considerable gasp went up from many of those present. I think like me, they were bowled over by the sense of life and colourful reality you have been able to capture on the canvas.”  John Forrest

“It’s me! It’s Spike!”  Donald Sammut

“The portrait is great, you have really captured Myrtle’s character, clever as you only met each other so briefly.”  Hazel Allen

“You really are clever…very gifted… I think both portraits are brilliant.”  Val Hennessy

“We are so very happy with the painting you’ve done! Both Mark and I have it as a screen saver on our computers at work.”  Michelle Cassidy

“There’s nothing like a Dupuy portrait for the feel good factor”  Catherine Nicolson

“It was the most wonderful exhibition and I’m thrilled to bits with my portrait. My family can’t stop talking about it.”  Anna Barclay de Tolly Dwyer

”You have captured the soul of your sitters, the humour, the tristesse and the beauty. Wow! Congratulations. They are marvellous.“ Kate Merz

“Fantastic show!”  Dudley Winterbottom